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Marx, Lenin, and the Revolutionary Experience: Studies of Communism and...

Год издания: 2006
Формат: pdf
Издат.: Routledge
Страниц: 352
Размер: 4.7
Язык: Английский
Marx, Lenin, and the Revolutionary Experience offers a fresh look at Communism, both the bad and good, and also touches on anarchism, Christian theory, conservatism, liberalism, Marxism, and more, to argue for the enduring relevance of Karl Marx, and V.I. Lenin as democratic revolutionaries. It examines the "Red Decade" of the 1930s and the civil rights movement and the New Left of the 1960s in the United States as well.
Studying the past to grapple with issues of war and terrorism, exploitation, hunger, ecological crisis, and trends toward deadening "de-spiritualization", the book shows how the revolutionaries of the past are still relevant to today's struggles. It offers a clearly written and carefully reasoned thematic discussion of globalization, Marxism, Christianity (and religion in general), Communism, the history of the USSR and US radical and social movements.
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The Total Art of Stalinism: Avant-Garde, Aesthetic Dictatorship, and Beyond

Название книги: The Total Art of Stalinism: Avant-Garde, Aesthetic Dictatorship, and Beyond
Автор книги: Boris Groys
Издательство: Princeton University Press
Год издания книги: 1992
ISBN: 0691055963
Страниц: 140
Формат книги: PDF
Размер файла: 20 MB
Язык книги: English
The Total Art of Stalinism: Avant-Garde, Aesthetic Dictatorship, and Beyond представляет собой интерпретацию тоталитарного искусства и литературы в контексте истории культуры. Это блестящее эссе сравнивает цели тоталитарного режима в этой области - искусство должно перейти от изображения к преобразованию мира. Революционеры в октябре 1917 года пообещали создать общество, которое будет не только более справедливым и более экономически стабильной, но и красивее, и они были убеждены, что вся жизнь страны должна полностью подчиниться лидерам коммунистической партии. Все, даже в мелочах должно регулироваться, согласовываться даже при создании "художественного" образа, его самых мельчайших деталей.
As communism collapses into ruins, Boris Groys provokes our interest in the aesthetic goals pursued with such catastrophic consequences by its founders. Interpreting totalitarian art and literature in the context of cultural history, this brilliant essay likens totalitarian aims to the modernists' demands that art should move from depicting to transforming the world. The revolutionaries of October 1917 promised to create a society that was not only more just and more economically stable but also more beautiful, and they intended that the entire life of the nation be completely subordinate to Communist party leaders commissioned to regulate, harmonize, and create a single "artistic" whole out of even the most minute details. What were the origins of this idea? And what were its artistic and literary ramifications? In addressing these issues, Groys questions the view that socialist realism was an "art for the masses." Groys argues instead that the "total art" proposed by Stalin and his followers was formulated by well-educated elites who had assimilated the experience of the avant-garde and been brought to socialist realism by the future-oriented logic of avant-garde thinking. After explaining the internal evolution of Stalinist art, Groys shows how socialist realism gradually disintegrated after Stalin's death. In an undecided and insecure Soviet culture, artists focused on restoring historical continuity or practicing "sots art," a term derived from the combined names of socialist realism (sotsrealizm) and pop art. Increasingly popular in the West, sots-artists incorporate the Stalin myth into world mythology and demonstrate its similarity to supposedly opposing myths. |
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The Origins of the Second World War: an international perspective

Название: The Origins of the Second World War: an international perspective
Автор: Frank Mcdonough
Издательство: Continuum International Publishing Group Страниц: 548
Формат: PDF
Размер: 12 Мб
Качество: Хорошее
Год: 2011
Язык: английский
ISBN: 978-1-4411-0773-2
In an article published in National Interest in 1989 francis fukuyama confidently predicted the end of history: ‘that is, the end point of mankind’s ideological evolution and the universalization of western liberal democracy as the final form of human government’. The fall of the Berlin wall, the collapse of communism and the end of the cold war all seemed to confirm fukuyama’s prophecy. Yet the crashing of three hijacked jets into the twin towers of new York’s world trade center and the pentagon in Washington in September 2001, subsequent protracted wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a banking crisis comparable to the wall street crash serve to demonstrate that history is very much alive and kicking in the twenty first century.
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Osprey Modelling Manuals Volume 16: T-34/76 & T-34/85

Книга: Osprey Modelling Manuals Volume 16: T-34/76 & T-34/85
Автор: Rodrigo Hernandez Cabos
Издательство: Osprey Publishing
Страниц: 64
Формат: PDF
Размер: 10.63МБ
Качество: Нормальное
Язык: Английский
Год издания: 2001
ISBN: 1841762091
Germans into developing new AFVs such as the Panzer V Panther. Produced in huge numbers, its later variant the T-34/85 would see extended postwar service with Communist-supplied countries around the world - such as the Arab countries, the North Korea, North Vietnam and China. With detailed step-by-step model photography, specially commissioned walkround photography, scale drawings and wartime shots, this book will provide all the details needed to model the main T-34 version - the Model 1943 - and its variants. There is a full roundup of the models available on the market, details of where you can see the real thing, a select bibliography, and survey of websites of interest.
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Korean War Aces

Издательство: Osprey Publishing Ltd
Серия: Aircraft of the Aces 4
Авторы: Robert F Dorr, Jon Lake and WarrenThompson
Язык: English
Год издания: 1995
Количество страниц: 98
ISBN: 1855325012
Формат: pdf
Размер: 32,3 mb
The first virtually all-jet war, the conflict in Korea saw F-86 Sabres of the USAF take on MiG-15s of the North Korean and Chinese air forces. Although the Allied pilots were initially taken aback by the ability of the communist fighter in combat, sound training and skilful leadership soon enabled Sabre pilots to dominate the dogfights over the Yalu River. In all 39 F-86 pilots achieved ace status, and a number of these are profiled in this volume, as are notable pilots from the US Navy, Marine Corps and Royal Navy and, for the first time, the handful of MiG-15 aces.

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Les amants de la petite reine

Автор: Annie Degroote
Название Les amants de la petite reine
Издательство: VDB
Год: 2005
Длительность: 9 hours 48 min
Читают: Christine Royer
Качество: 128 кбит/c, 44100 Гц, объединенное стерео
Размер: 517.25 mb
Формат: mp3
Язык: French
Dans les Flandres francaises au milieu du XXe siecle. Louis, dont la famille possede un florissant commerce de velos, reve de fabriquer ses propres modeles de bicyclettes. Celine, elle, s’adonne avec passion au theatre. Au cours d’une kermesse, les deux jeunes gens tombent amoureux l’un de l’autre. Mais tout oppose leurs familles : l’une est « recomposee » avant l’heure, communiste, ouvriere ; l’autre est catholique et bourgeoise. Opiniatres, Celine et Louis braveront les obstacles et les distances, du Nord a Saint-Etienne, pour s’aimer au grand jour. Jusqu’a cette redoutable meprise qui les separe pour quelques annees… Les « amants de la petite reine » se retrouveront-ils ? Le temps aura-t-il raison de leur amour ? Un tourbillon d’emotions, deux destins uniques, mais aussi un vibrant hommage a la « petite reine » et aux courses de legende qu’elle a inspirees. Annie Degroote nous convie une fois de plus a un superbe voyage en terre du Nord.
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Cuerpos de Elite Contra Todo Riesgo 13.

Название: Cuerpos de Elite Contra Todo Riesgo 13
Автор: La colectividad
Издательство: Planeta-Agostini
ISBN: 8475981844
Год издания: 1986
Страниц: 21
Язык: Испанский
Формат: pdf
Качество: хорошее
Размер: 8.8 Мб
Esta colecci?n editada por Planeta-Agostini se publico hasta donde se en 108 fasciculos que se encuadernaron en 9 vol?menes, cada fasciculo constaba de 20 paginas.
Este numero trae los siguientes temas:
Gran Slam.
Barnes Wallis desarroll? una serie de bombas de elevada potencia que hicieron del 617? Escuadr?n de la RAF una de las m?s temibles unidades de bombardeo durante 1944 y 1945.
Tacticas de Choque.
En 1940 se consideraba que la fortaleza de Eben Emael era inexpugnable, sin duda porque no hab?an entrado en acci?n las revolucionarias fuerzas de choque alemanas.
En sus combates cuerpo a cuerpo en las calles de la Ciudad Imperial, los infantes de marina de EEUU se enfrentaron a un enemigo implacable. Enviados al combate a ra?z de la ofensiva comunista del Tet de 1968, los marines sostuvieron una endiablada lucha casa por casa en Hu?.
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